Food is not always something that you put in your mouth and eat!

Week Three

On their best behavior and minding their manners, the girls had their first visitors. The grandchildren came to visit. When we first got the girls I sent a picture to them and my 3 year old granddaughter was about to bust a seam wanting to come see them and of course wanting one of her own. Mom and Dad were just so thrilled with me – NOT!

The chicks appeared as if they were fascinated by “little people”. Our 10 year old grandson made a fuss in his own 10 year old boy way pretending to ignore the girls but not really. Our granddaughter made it a mission to try and pick up and hold each and every one of the chicks, exclaiming “its soooo cute”, and informed me in a very serious manner that she was going to name each and every one of them. Chickie number 1, chickie number 2, chickie number 3…………. I went to sleep that night still counting!

As predicted, the chicks weren’t satisfied staying in their allotted space until the end of week 3. They were continually flying, hopping, and jumping over the partition and we were constantly catching them and putting them back where they were supposed to be. The transitioning of my mindset starting kicking in and I thought to myself who said that the chicks have to stay in their allotted space for the next week. Like one of those Oprah “aha moments” it clicked! We decided that everyone, including the chicks and our selves, weren’t satisfied with the living arrangements. We promptly removed the partition and allowed the girls to have their freedom. Now that is what I call adjusting to the chick’s preference instead of trying to mold the chicks into a narrowly prescribed plan. How refreshing!

Click on image to view actual size

Once free, the girls proceeded to explore to their hearts content. The weather was warm and we had the side doors open on the chicken house. Some of the girl’s after exhausting their selves in exploration decided that they loved taking a rest in the warm sunlight.

We have a pet! One of the girls decided that she likes people to visit. She befriended us not the other way around and loves to sit in everyone’s lap or on their shoulder.

Click on image to view actual size

Baby girl doesn’t have a name so for the time being I call her Henny Penny. I know, not very original so if anyone has a suggestion, feel free!

Henny Penny actually waits at the door for someone to visit. Strange! I’m used to chicks running away and I have to say that these chicks are the friendliest chicks that I’ve ever seen.

Toward the end of the week the girls had their second visitor. Jillian, a PhD student at Johns Hopkins Bloomsburg School of Public Health stopped by to talk with us. She’s working on her dissertation and had a survey she wanted us to help her with.

Click on image to view actual size

Of course Jillian wanted to see the chicks when we finished and true to form, little Henny Penny wanted to sit in Jillian’s lap and be petted. She stood and waited for Jillian to provide a lap for her to perch in and as soon as Jillian squatted down, up jumped Henny Penny.

Up next, building perches inside the chicken house and putting up fencing for the girl’s to go outside and explore the great outdoors.

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