Food is not always something that you put in your mouth and eat!

Week One

Independence is something new and it’s a giddy feeling to be the decision maker in every aspect of raising our hens. It also feels kind of strange not having someone hanging over one’s shoulder giving orders about how to raise the chickens.

The Girls arrived following an earthquake and just before Hurricane Irene paid us a visit. They came through Irene like champs and appeared to not notice the torrential downpours or the forceful winds. What an exciting start.

I’ve never seen such lively chicks! From the time they were put on the ground they took off like busy bees. I was like a kid at Christmas and sat watching in amazement. One has to understand that I’ve been used to industrial chicks arriving and not moving from the feed line where they were unceremoniously dumped.

They have the beginning of wing feathers and colors range from brown to tan to red. Another new experience as I’m used to the fuzzy yellow chicks.

The Girls are curious and started scratching in the sawdust on day one. They stay busy looking for anything that looks out of place and when one finds something it takes off running with it in its mouth while the others chase behind.

We installed a new heater called a brooder stove which hangs from the ceiling and the chicks can stay underneath of it or they can move away from it according to their needs. We were able to utilize some of the existing equipment in the chicken house. The chicks went immediately to the nipple drinking system and preferred it to the drinkers that we provided. They also have taken to the feed pans which will make feeding much easier as they get older and need more feeding space.

There is still much to do!

Comments on: "Week One" (4)

  1. Craig Watts said:

    How many do you have??


  2. 550 Rohde Island Reds! An old breed without the mix em up match em up genetics AND as my son would say they don’t have the “mental issues” that the industrial chicks appear to have.


  3. Craig Watts said:

    Jst be careful of the flickering lightbulb…has ruined countless flocks..

    “mental issues”..that’s funny..wish I would have thought of that!


  4. Anonymous said:

    They look happy, thank you for all you do


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