Food is not always something that you put in your mouth and eat!

Life After Food INC

Flavor Magazine

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  1. So glad to see you are doing something you love. We are new to pastured poultry, local food and sustainable farming. Your segment in Food Inc. was inspiring and impactful. Thank you for sharing your story. Best wishes in your new endeavor!


  2. I couldnt be happier! I am so happy for you and all you have accomplished


  3. Brenda Jarvis said:

    Thank You for not continuing to ‘go with the man’! We aren’t the best at being able to afford the extra costs of local and organic products, but we do when we can…Corporates have the consumers trapped as well. We do make a point to bring awareness to others. My Anthropology professor stressed over and over to buy whole chicken or sides of beef. He stated that we may not be able to differentiate hormonal injections and such, but by buying this way, we would not be ingesting food from animal that had tumor growth and so forth. But the whole animal when you can or go to a butcher to see the product before processing.


    Brenda J
    Huber Heights, Ohio


  4. Laura said:

    I just watched Food Inc and, despite how amazing the whole documentary was, your name was the first thing I googled after finishing it. I´m so impressed by everything you have accomplished and I´m incredibly happy for you. You and your husband are very brave and I wish you the best of luck!!
    Regards from Spain 🙂


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