Food is not always something that you put in your mouth and eat!

After transitioning our farm from industrialized chicken production to an Animal Welfare Approved certified pasture based egg farm 3 years ago, a CAFO now plans to be our neighbor!  We’ve learned from the prospective buyer of the property neighboring us that he has plans to build a chicken CAFO.

It is unfathomable as to why any company would allow their chickens to be put next to a pasture raised farm with chickens on it.  The industry claims that strict bio-security is a mainstay of their operations and necessary to its survival.

Bio-security is the practice of measures taken to prevent the spread of disease on poultry farms.

Looking at the situation from an independent farm, raising hens in a pasture based system one has to question the rights of an individual farm.  What about the right of that farm protecting its chickens from viruses and bacteria’s spread by industrial chicken CAFO’s?

All appearances indicate that the independent farm has no rights and that the highly potential risk created to that farm by the chicken industry is of no concern.

Industrial chickens are vaccinated for many diseases.  Introduction of live viruses into an area where no viruses exist or introducing a bacteria or disease where none exist is a recipe for disaster.  That is basic 101 bio- security for any poultry producer.

In 2008, Johns Hopkins researchers found that poultry trucks driving to processing plants spread harmful bacteria into the environment, exposing other drivers, pedestrians, and rural communities to these bacteria.  Researchers consistently detected drug-resistant bacteria in the air and on surfaces inside vehicles while driving with their windows down behind poultry trucks (Rule et al. 2008).

In our case, a right of way from the county road will be mutually used.  Harmful bacteria will exist in the environment spread from the industry trucks entering and leaving the CAFO.  It’s reasonable to expect that our vehicles will pick up bacteria’s not only harmful to ourselves but also harmful to our disease free hens.  Walking to our mailbox could be harmful to our health!

Drug resistant bacteria spread by industry vehicles will not be the only concern.  County regulations allow for building of chicken houses to be 20 feet from property lines.  These huge buildings can hold up to 60,000 chickens in one house.  Air exchange is accomplished through fans only.  It’s not unreasonable to conclude that the same drug resistant bacteria’s that are found in feathers and dust blowing from trucks will also be exhausted into the air from housing.

Less than ½ mile down the road from the farm is a YMCA.  Joggers and bicyclist use the area for recreational activities and for YMCA sponsored events.  Schools use the sports fields at the YMCA for practices.  Are public and school activities to be discontinued just to accommodate a CAFO that wants to move into the area?

Clearly, the chicken industry has no thought or care of potential risks to human health nor any respect for the neighbor that their CAFO’s want to go next to.

Comments on: "A CAFO Intends To Be Our New Neighbor" (6)

  1. the integrator is???…or do you know…there are some that vaccinate for LT year round..that would be worrisome….is the permitting process kinda rubber stamp deal?


    • Permitting is rubber stamp! The county, along with many other counties, aren’t prepared for these 10, 15, 20 or more industrial complexes being planned and owned by phantom farmers. Not only is LT a concern how about Bronchitis, and Avian Flu?


      • Carole said:

        Integrator’s mentioned – Perdue and Tyson – according to the buyer. Can’t get straight answers from this guy he first said 4 chicken houses then 6, then 10. I think it depends on how many he can cram on the property!


  2. Sounds like industry wants to put you out of business. What better way then to put their sick diseased chickens next to you healthy ones.


  3. This sounds tough. Good luck with this situation and I hope your chickens are not affected!


  4. Christy said:

    We had the same problem in the early 90’s with hogs. Phantom farmers, no way of knowing. We started hitting up the county commissioners and then the state. Zoning finally had to come in. 1000 feet from the property line of the neighbor. That was it. Now 25 years later, the CAFO hogs are still going, the water is contaminated, small hog producers are out of business because of cross contamination of disease and the “Tax base going up” story, well it never happened. The schools expanded, rental housing is no existent, crime is up, the real estate taxes people pay is sky high and the educated have not come back to rural America or have left for other jobs. CAFO’s coming in were not a save all, they were a sink all. And the smell travels for miles. They won’t put CAFO’s in downtown New York, but they have no problem putting them in rural America.
    Good luck, don’t know how to help you, but it does sound like big business is trying to put you out of business, come out west to KS, we have room for you.


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