Food is not always something that you put in your mouth and eat!

Labels pasted on people have always been one of my biggest pet peeves. Lord knows I’ve had plenty of labels pasted on me over the years and my answer has always been “you can call me anything you like just don’t call me late for dinner”!

The label “foodies” sets my mind to wondering exactly what it means. Is it a certain elite class of likeminded people who are wealthy enough to afford better food produced locally in an organic method? For the generality of the label one could say yes.

Maybe in the beginning of what is labeled as the “Food Movement”, elitism was the driving force and probably something that held the movement back. Super markets such as Whole Foods stated springing up in only certain areas because there were only certain people who could afford the food being sold and which catered to only certain people. Actually it was about money and who had it to spend and who could capitalize from it.

Being a farm girl living in rural America I never saw super markets such as Whole Foods nor did I see local stores selling locally produced foods and never organic. Rural America, like the inner cities, is poor. We don’t have the extra food dollars to spend in specialty grocery stores and I would imagine that demographics have everything to do with where these stores set up shop.

Over the past 5 years, if not more, the “Food Movement” has become something more than just for special people. The number of local farmer’s markets steadily grows, more farmers are producing food to supply these markets, and more consumers are patronizing these markets. Local restaurants are shopping for local foods and many are connecting directly with local farmers. Institutions such as schools and medical facilities are participating in “buy local” programs for food purchasing. The list goes on. Does all of this fall under the label of “foodies”?

The Food Movement to me is a driving force to change the current system and methods that supply the majority of our food. In this movement are many differing reasons why the system needs changing with one goal. I consider myself to be a part of this movement and am likeminded with others in reasoning……… Change! Does this make me a “foodie”? Going back to the beginning of my post I cringe at thinking I might fit into the elite class of foodies.

It’s all in the wording folks and it wouldn’t be a far stretch to say that anyone who makes the mere mention of changing the food system is a “foodie” and part of the Food Movement. Are you a foodie?

Comments on: "Foodies and the Food Movement" (2)

  1. Carole we know you there is no way either label fits you. You drive to change the system at its very core your blog does make very interesting points. Because in order to impact the change that is needed, we cannot be elitist good food is the right of all. Not the property of the rich elite.


  2. Craig Watts said:

    well at least they didn’t call you a “progressive foodie”


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