Food is not always something that you put in your mouth and eat!

It started about a year ago with the little packages of gravies, sauces, and marinade mixes inside of my kitchen cabinet. These were my little secret that added flavor to foods and something that I’d become dependent on.

My adult son started asking me if I knew what was in these little treasures. I replied with an offhanded comment something like “no and I don’t care.” He pulled them out and began reading the nutritional labels out loud to me and was accumulating quite a pile of “junk” as he discarded one after another. Over and over I heard “MSG, Sodium, Modified Corn Syrup, and others I can’t even pronounce”.

By the time he was finished I had no little treasures left and he issued a proclamation of “if you use these I won’t eat what you cook”. I was crushed and feeling the need to defend my little packages.

It was almost like having an addiction as my mind scrambled to find good reasons of why I needed them. My points fell on deaf ears and I knew that I was being ridiculous yet I couldn’t help myself. I’d used these little packages for years, my mother used them, and thought to myself “we’ll see if you eat what I cook or not”.

I blissfully continued to use my little packages and when questioned about it I lied. For over 4 months, I got caught every time I did it and he pushed his plate away saying he wasn’t hungry. This kid was serious and I couldn’t figure out how he knew.

Finally, I took the step away from using my little treasures and my son started eating meals again. Little by little the sauces and gravies were left out of my cooking until they weren’t used at all. I started making my own marinades which wasn’t really that difficult and our taste buds were slowly weaned away from the “junk”.

I was free of my dependency on my little treasures until yesterday. I had a relapse. It was a really busy day and dinner hadn’t been planned. I ran to the grocery store thinking to myself we can have hot roast beef sandwiches with brown mushroom gravy. As I cruised down the aisle with the gravies and sauce mixes I saw a beautiful gravy mix package with bold lettering proclaiming “30 percent less sodium.”
Aha, they won’t know that the gravy came from a package and snatched up three of the little babes. Everyone ate dinner and I’d slipped by without any questions or having to tell a lie. Whew!

Later in the evening I was asked if I thought that the roast beef was a little bit salty. My mind went into overdrive and I blurted out “yes but the roast beef that I bought was ““low sodium””. My son looked up from the magazine he was reading and calmly said “she used those gravy mixes again!” Busted!

How does he do it? He must have built-in radar for my little treasures. Or is it that he might have sensitivities to foods containing high levels of sodium?

I’m back in de-tox again and this time I’m going to kick the habit for good.

Comments on: "30 Percent Less Sodium" (2)

  1. Craig Watts said:

    Good gosh..don’t throw them things away…send them to me..I continue to abuse my body with that kinda stuff and it just keeps coming back for more…you got my mailing address for the next time you clean the cabinets?


  2. Guest said:

    I too have been trying to stay away from all these high sodium shortcuts when cooking.
    I was forever buying those flavored rice mixes until I realized what was in them.
    Now I make my own flavored rice. You can spice rice up with whatever spices you have on hand.


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