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“GIPSA rule would hurt those it would support”

According to an article in Feedstuffs a weekly newspaper for Agribusiness, counsel for the National Chicken Council (NCC) says that the proposed competitive market rule by USDA Grain Inspection Packers and Stockyards Administration (GIPSA) “will fundamentally change how chicken companies operate especially with contract growers”.

During NCC’s annual conference in Washington DC October 5th and 6th, Gary Kushner, a partner in the law firm representing NCC, said in an opening statement that the rule is an example of a government agency “run amuck”, that it (the rule) goes well beyond congressional mandate and GIPSA’s statutory authority, and accuses GIPSA of “unprecedented” advocacy by lobbying for support of the rule during active comment period.

Apparently on hand, Pete Thompson, a senior staffer of the House Agriculture Committee is attributed as saying that a recent meeting with several supporters of the Rule were under all kinds of misperceptions.

It’s no surprise that NCC’s counsel would say flimsy and negative things about the GIPSA Proposed Rule Change but why is a senior staffer of the House Ag Committee reporting to NCC about meetings or for that matter relaying House Ag Committee business?

Fundamental change is needed in how poultry companies operate and more so in dealings with contract growers. Obviously NCC disagrees. That’s no surprise since NCC represents the companies in the poultry industry.

Now we’re getting down to the nitty gritty! The House Ag Committee apparently is cozied up to the poultry companies and GIPSA is all wrong in representing its constituency, the farmer. This is a perfect example of how government agencies that are put in place to care for and protect the American citizens come under attack by powerful lobby through our legislative branch. It’s no wonder that nothing ever gets done in Washington.

A previous post talks about how contract poultry growers have to do their own lobbying to counter act the power lobby of NCC. Are poultry farmers wasting their time in thinking that talking to their legislators who represent them will bring positive change?

Furthermore GIPSA has the authority to make Rule changes without an ACT of Congress. The proposed Rule change which would put into place much needed protections for poultry farmers doesn’t need Congressional approval. BUT, all of the maneuvering through the Legislative branch and the House Ag committee can exert enough pressure to kill the Proposed Rule Change.

Now we know what happened to the “Government by the People For the People” that our forefathers invoked. It was a beautiful dream but in reality those who have the most money, power, and influence rule the day!

More to come on this subject!

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Comments on: "National Chicken Council, House Ag Committee Speak" (3)

  1. Craig Watts said:

    Is hard to believe the organization that represents the poultry industry has no grower representation. I love how they talk about the “government gone wild” while at the same time the same USDA they are criticizing props this industry up in so many ways. USDA guaranteed loans for new facilties when otherwise they would never meet the standard of normal underwritng procedures of any bank. USDA grants for litter storage, bird disposal and litter application equipment just to name a few. And just recently the USDA purchased freezers full of an oversupply of chicken to help the market…so NCC thinktank is this also big bad government?? The unintentional consequence hear is that it depresses the price farmers receive for their service.


  2. Anonymous said:

    My thoughts exactly. NCC isn’t looking out for the farmer they are looking out for the chicken companies and what is in their best interest.

    The industry has to be subsidized by the government if not it would collapse. Why should tax payers have to prop up private industry?


  3. Craig Watts said:

    And just got through reading about government grants available to poultry growers who lost their contracts. This is great news for these farmers but what made the Lost Poultry Contract Assistance Program necessary??? No different than bailing out other industries due to poor management…

    Just another example of “big bad government” intervening in private enterprise…yea right!


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